There are some (THIS) people who email me with out me knowing them and asking for their stories or offers of pirated cd software, (IS) custommade logos and designs and some try to use my mail forms of various domains I own in order to send many hundreds of thousands of new e mail messages to other people (MY) whom I do not know with messages that do not concern these people and even does not interest them at all, just like some (OWN) of the emails I get with messages of insurances in America even I do not live there and how I can help somebody made up person (WAY) in Africa to regain some 1500 millions of dollars and I get a share of 15% if I help them and believe the unbeliveable story (TO) that authorities in this town (those driving around in cars with blue lights on top and sirenes and wearing special clothes chasing bad people) say that it is all makebelive and opposite of safe to deal with (FIGHT) such people and give my credit card info to them or travel there and then get all my things taken away from me (SPA - MMERS) with out my acceptance. Anyway if you (BY) really sit and read this message then either you think this is crazy, funny or weird, and that is partly true as I do not actually (POSTING) write this for people to read but to give search engines (THE) a chance to spider this page which has email addresses of the people mentioned above who have sent mail to me with posts (E MAIL) that I actually had been better with out reading as it wasted my time. So here are the email addresses of my unknown friends or what ever they (ADDRESS) incorrectly think they are since they mail me and I might include some of my own just to make you and who ever else (OF) collects these addresses to be sent out on cd to thousands and (THOSE) again thousands of people who did not sign up but still got the mails about it cause someone wants to make a lot of (THAT) money by sending out such messages and if one in (SEND) 200,000 people respond and buy a product that costs 39 us dollars then it gave a big (NOT WANTED) profit for the people behind the idea or website (MAILS) that promotes such services, (TO ME) confused. 3413@COMPUSERVE.COM hostmast@NI.NET
I also list isp companies and hosts that have participated in such distributing the above messages to me and filling guestbooks and forums with such messages in order to try to find out how to send messages to even more unknown people. You can also search in search engines like google for where these addresses appear and then you will discover that those behind those email addresses scrape the dirt of the dogs toilet in order to make money, if that is what it takes.

I now offer a solution to people and businesses that get unwanted messages in their e-mail boxes. I no longer get S.P..A...M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Test it for FREE for 14 days!!!

If you want to know how I find out the isp and host details then I use a service on the internet where I report instances of messages described above. You can and should also submit yours there. The site has a domain and if you are clever enough you can find it here: it ends in .net and the first 4 letters are backwards of : m a p s and the next 4 letters are backwards of s p o c, then put it in your browser and sign up for your own special email address where to submit such messages that you think deserve to be hindered from reaching the growing number of people online.

Here are some names and addresses of the people:
Cashette, Inc.
Leon Zuo
2450 Peralta Blvd, Suite 216
Fremont, CA 94536
Phone: (510) 818-9829
Fax..: (510) 744-1398
Pickup, Robert (AVCEPIXXSI)
45 Scott St.
Beaumaris, Vic 3193
Lafferty, Ed (EL4898)
Bolt Inc.
304 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013-1015
646-230-4920 fax: (212) 620-4315

The cashette company special
Cashette (or so they wrote) contacted me wanting to be removed from this page, claiming to be an anti-spam company, but as late as on oct 2004 and also this year (when I got spam with their name) they have been had an open relay, which means that they do not take spam serious enough to find a good host that does not have open relay on their server. if you search for their domain in Google you will find many instances where site owners list as one connected to send (and NOT block) spam.
My offer to anyone that wants to be removed from this page is not as the offer I saw on another website where the owner wanted to get 1 million dollars for every spam received. My offer is not either outrageous like my friends story, that her bike got stolen, and her arab neighbour contacted her the next day saying: I found it, if you want it I need to get finders reward of US$ 450. I just want US$ 200.00 as a small compensation for spending time every day deleting mail. and yes THIS is the only way I will EVER reply to mail from companies that get the doubtful honor to be on this page. You can call me my time: 18-21:00 Central European Time zone for bank details. If you are serious find the number. If you call outside of those hours add 50 dollars for every time to the above amount.

The Special
Domain ID:D10384236-LRMS
Domain Name:OACRE.INFO
Created On:09-Jun-2005 21:58:33 UTC
Last Updated On:22-Jun-2005 21:45:57 UTC
Expiration Date:09-Jun-2006 21:58:33 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:R126-LRMS
Registrant ID:C10301350-LRMS
Registrant Name:John PE
Registrant Organization:HealthCareCenter,Ltd
Registrant Street1:1333Avenue
Registrant City:NewYork
Registrant State/Province:NY
Registrant Postal Code:10009
Registrant Country:US
Admin ID:C10301350-LRMS
Admin Name:John PE
Admin Organization:HealthCareCenter,Ltd
Admin Street1:1333Avenue
Admin City:NewYork
Admin State/Province:NY
Admin Postal Code:10009
Admin Country:US
Billing ID:C10301350-LRMS
Billing Name:John PE
Billing Organization:HealthCareCenter,Ltd
Billing Street1:1333Avenue
Billing City:NewYork
Billing State/Province:NY
Billing Postal Code:10009
Billing Country:US
Billing Email:
Tech ID:C10301350-LRMS
Tech Name:John PE
Tech Organization:HealthCareCenter,Ltd
Tech Street1:1333Avenue
Tech City:NewYork
Tech State/Province:NY
Tech Postal Code:10009
Tech Country:US
Name Server:NS1.ASIADNS10.COM
Name Server:NS2.ASIADNS10.COM

This is the person that hosts the site promoted by uninvited messages:
Fancy Lee (
Fax: +1.-
254 26th St. #331
Little Rock, 72202

In US there is a growing movement that is unfriendly towards these kind of uninvited messages, and if you want to tell that you are not pro such useless messages in your email box or to forward mail to them, so they can realize the size of the problem you might be able to get a reply from these email addresses. Some are even so kind that they make these people pay for annoying others and if you want to support that kind of action send your email to: that is in California, for Texas, or these: and in Michigan: also a friend of mine protects his clients from all who send email to: