Reinert's Law!
Reinert's Law
1. Anything can succeed, even if it looks impossible.

2. Everything takes less time with out postponements.

3. In any area with in scientific endeavours all progress will be caused by curiosity and conqured mistakes.

4. If it is possible that many things go well, then the one that will give the greatest gain can be the one that has most luck and succeeds best.

5. Even if something does not succeed many times, then it can still succeed.

6. If you sence many possible ways wherein a method can succeed and they fail, then another successful method, that had not previously been thought of, will spring up immediately.

7. Things you have an optimistic attitude to have a tendency to become better and better.

8. If everything seems to go wrong, then you have obviously overlooked something.

9. Nature is always making new attempts to get additional progress.

10. Mother Nature is genious and loving.

11. It is unnecessary to insure everything, because people are not that destructive.

12. Things improve when under pressure.

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