Think, ponder & wonder!
I hope you will enjoy and benefit from the THINK-section of my site, as I would like to influence you to improve your life! I post only things I think are very helpful and good to live by.

By and by I will increase the size of some pages with words that hopefully make you think about your life, your progress and your success. Many people (probably you also) often think of others when they hear a saying, a proverb or some good advice.

My advice is: when you hear a proverb, a saying or some advice, then think how it fits yourself and how you can learn from it and turn it into a benefit for yourself.

In Denmark they got a "law" or negative codex called The Law of Jante. The most known part of it is: Dont let anyone think they are somebody. This implies that if somebody has been successful at something, you will point out an error or say something to kill their joy. What a terrible way of life. How misserable ... instead of rejoicing and finding out if you or I can learn from it and then apply some of the successful tactics or methods to our own life.

Now, lets put the bad thoughts behind us and focus on some good and positive thoughts. That is why I write these pages. For inspiration to myself and hopefully many others.

First I would like you to read Reinert's Law. Print it and copy it and distribute it - link to it from your website. Hang it up on the wall is your classroom or workplace. Discuss and debate it. As long as the copyright notice is in place you are allowed to distribut it freely.

In addition to Reinert's Law I prepare some content-areas for you to think, ponder and wonder about:

The purpose of these is to influence you to improve your life and the life of those around you. :-) I hope I succeed at it, and make you consider how things can be better. Don't get caught in fantasies of how things would be different if you had done so and so in the past. You can change your position if you change your thoughts and decisions from now on! Do it now!

Sincerely hoping for your progress!


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