How to take a screen shot!
By Martin Reinert
On this page I will explain how you can take a screen shot (also called screen dump or screen snapshot or screen image) if there is something on your computer screen that you want to document.
The reason for this page is that some claim that they have nasty chatters and monitors suggesting cybersex etc. in PM in Mabuhay Chat and the only way to document it is to take a screen shot.

A screen shot is a file that contains a pixel-by-pixel image of all or part of the screen that was visible at the instant at which the screen shot was copied from the framebuffer into a file.

How to take a screen shot using Windows.

1. Make sure that the window of which you want to take a screenshot is on top (in the foreground).
Push the PRT SCR (Print Screen) key once

(on older computers do this: Hold down the ALT key and press the PRT SC key once).
This operation copies a bitmap image of the window to the Clipboard.
3. Open the
Accessories menu (for example, from the Start button in Windows then All Programs) and choose Paint or Paintbrush. An untitled graphics window will open.
4. From the
Edit menu, choose Paste. After a delay (how long depends on your computer) an image of the window of which you took a screenshot will appear in the Paintbrush edit window.
5. From the
File menu, choose Save As. You can now choose File Name and below that you can choose Save As Type: and I suggest you save as type .jpg
(IN older computers with Paintbrush: Your choices include 256-color Windows bitmap format (.BMP), monochrome .BMP format, 16-color (4-bit) .BMP format, 24-bit .BMP format, and .PCX format. I'd suggest either 256-color or 16-color .BMP format, depending on your framebuffer.)