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If you have a question or a comment about Mabuhay Chat you may use the forum mentioned below.
ISP and IP number: MUST be filled in if you request a ban to be lifted.
It is not sure that you will get a reply.
For your information your IP number is submitted at the time you send your message, and any ABUSE of the form will be used as EVIDENCE against you. Your ISP company has the duty by Internet regulations to record when you are online as well as where on the net you travel. The result of abuse can be that you loose your internet connection as well as having to pay a fine for abuse of the internet and charges of your isp for their time solving this issue. Threats will be reported to the police.

Forum.PH and locate the Mabuhay Chat forum.

If you apply to be a monitor, you must include ALL of this info about yourself:
Your regular handle, full name, full address, tel no, age, education, profession, gender, marital status, languages you speak, how long you have been chatting at Mabuhay Chat, what qualifies you to be a monitor, handles of monitors and chatters recommending you.
It is important that you give your ISP email address when submitting application to be a monitor, as we do NOT accept applications sent from free email address providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc.
If you give us wrong address or lack info you will NOT get a reply from us. Your address and tel no will not be forwarded to the monitors, but the rest will.
If this feels like invasion of privacy then do NOT apply. Submit this info to

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