Mabuhay Chat Assistance!
On this page I will explain about the finance of Mabuhay Chat and how PayPal works, as PayPal makes it possible for all chatters of legal age to donate and assist in financing Mabuhay Chat.

If you immediately want to donate to Mabuhay Chat with out reading the rest of this page click this button:
Mabuhay Chat has always been open to anyone that wanted to chat in a polite and friendly manner. But there has never been a membership base as you find in many other chats on the net, where you sign up and have username and password. I have always had the opinion that Mabuhay Chat should welcome all polite visiting chatters.

In the beginning it was possible to generate some revenue to pay for hosting bills and sometimes also to pay for the rent of the chat software we rent. However that has already been impossible for more than 2 years. There are more and more websites for businesses to advertise on and the number of people clicking on banners has decresed as well as payment for advertisement banners has gone significantly down due to the free market forces. The result is that although I sometimes in optimism put up banners in Mabuhay Chat hoping to generate some revenue I have not made even 20 dollars the last 2 years together.

Last year I therefore announced that we might have to close the chat cause of lack of finance for Mabuhay Chat. There were however a number of people who were willing to contribute to the costs of Mabuhay Chat. It has since then been monitors that have financed the Mabuhay Chat's rent of the Digi-Chat software and server. The reason we rent it is that it costs so much if we were to buy it, the it would be totally impossible to finance.

Some don't like to send cash in envelopes, and that is understandable as it can easily be stolen if not well consealed with brochure etc around the dollar bills. Sending money bank to bank is expensive also, so to solve the trouble of how to send donations to Mabuhay Chat we will use PayPal. PayPal is a third party agency used and trusted by over 200 000 businesses alone and others to transfer money over the internet in a safe and effective way.

To send or receive money through PayPal you must be registered as user submitting either your bank account or your credit card details to PayPal. When that is done they charge you one dollar to verify that transactions are possible and transfer it back. (At least that is what they did when I signed up long ago.)
After the transactions have been completed you are ready to use PayPal for money transfers.

The only requirements for having a PayPal account are that you have an email account and a bank account or credit card + of course that you are of legitimate age 18+.
PayPal takes security issues very seriously and it makes the sign up process a bit time consuming, but when it has been completed, things go smoothly and you can transfer money with out hazzle to people all over the world or receive from them and only PayPal knows yours and theirs bank or credit card details.

It is excellent for webmasters who have something to sell or organizations that have something that people can donate to. PayPal also provides buttons that have special codes ensuring that if someone visits your site and wants to purchase or donate something then they can just push the PayPal button and then transfer any amount that is needed.

The button to click if you want to assist in financing Mabuhay Chat is this button:

We will publish details of
when, who and how much has been donated to cover the costs of Mabuhay Chat on a Mabuhay Chat Donation page. Since some of you want to be anonymous we will try to find some details that do not say who you are, but enough for you to identify which donation is yours.

To donate click the above button or visit the Mabuhay Chat Donation page. We will especially encourage Filipinos abroad to donate for their fellow countrymen in Philippines who cannot afford to donate.