This is your IP address!
Do you have questions like: How to find my ip address? What is my ip address. What is my ip number. What is ip? IP stands for internet protocol. ip addresses or ip numbers follow you where ever you go on the internet. If you want to display your visitors ip number on your homepage or website then this is what you do: create a .php page with this code: and it will display your visitors IP number on your webpage. This is an ip locator.

Some ask what their IP address is, and the number on this page displayed as a series of 4 numbers (example only:, that is your IP address.
For your information your IP number is not recorded by me, but just displayed for your information.

>>This is your IP:

Above is your IP number or IP address. Maybe not so informative or usefull for regular internet users, but for some it can be handy. For example if you want a ban lifted in Mabuhay Chat and you do not know your ip number :-)