Net logos etc!
Some logos from the net, that I think are usefull or good.

This site as well as my other websites are made on a Mac for ease and speed. I use Adobe Golive.

If you are tired of sending virus to your friends every time you get one of those viruses that automatically sends themselves to all in your address book, then Eudora is a great alternative, even it si bad to read html-newsletters you get in the mail.

Just in case you like to test another browser, or minimize the % of websites seen by Microsofts Internet Explorer, then Opera is a good alternative. It is fast and free with adds but you can pay a small amount for registering this product and get rid of the adds. Opera is a Norwegian product.

More and more businesses , organizations and private people start to use Paypal as a way of transfering money safely and easily for free or with minimal cost to businesses. Click the button to sign up. It is free to sign up.

HOST.PH is good if you are located in the Philippines and want web hosting. (ONLY accepts orders from residents of the Philippines) Lots of pre installed scripts and web based programs for your website. Worth checking out if you plan a more than "normal" site (and of course also for normal sites!).