My comment about guestbooks!
There used to be a guestbook here. It was FREE, but now it is gone. Either cause all good things on the net that are free come to an end, or cause of my strong warning against posting in the guestbook, and maybe the owners/staff of the service got offended.
I dont care that much about it. hehehe Maybe it even got hijacked, as some of my previous guestbooks have been with free service providers. (Suddenly you notice that the link back to your hp directs traffic to another site!)

I dont delete this page as an evidence of what can happen (stupid me, huh), and as a warning for you if you visit some other guestbook. The same applies to all guestbooks offered for FREE on the internet. - Martin (now comes the original text of this page:)

For those of you who like to leave a public greeting or view public greetings of other guests visiting my site.
I really hope you will sign my guestbook, as it would be nice for me to view public greetings from my visitors. But before you sign it, please read the following information from me.
One thing I like so very much about the web is the ability for anyone to express themselves with out great cost and with out the censorship of editors, ancormen and women and with out consideration of profitability.
When it comes to guestbooks I have 3 comments, which I would like you to read and consider before you write a greeting.
1) With experience from previous guestbooks I like to make a note to let you know that this is not a forum where you can ask me questions (I rather wish that you contact me by other means or use my forum especially if it is about Mabuhay Chat) and this is not either a salestool, where you can promote things. If you really want to sell something and promote it seriously, contact me for advertising on some of my sites with high traffic, instead of in my guestbook where nobody can take you seriously and the whole of your greeting will be deleted totally!
2) A warning: if you leave your email address in the guestbook, then it becomes publically available, and you get lots of unwanted email (spam - uce) because some evil ruthless money-greedy people use computerprograms to find email addresses in guestbooks like this one, and then they sell them to thousands of companies worldwide, so they can send you totally unwanted spamicious unsolicited offers. Offerings of home insurance in other countries, car loans in other countries, slim products, quick make you rich with no work schemes, penis enlargment (even you are a woman) as well as nasty and disgusting porn mail, how you can purchase 300 millions of email addresses, so also you can send unwanted totally annoying mail to other people.
3) Please do not make any greeting private. I just delete private greetings. I do not read them. This is a public guestbook, remember?

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It did not work last time I tested, hehehe